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Decoster has, from its inception to now, developed into one of the most influential designer brands in China with over 70 stores across the nation. The brand approached us through or fashion industry contacts for work on its flagship site and WeChat digital event at Shanghai fashion week.

Decoster was on a time crunch to release a revamped website before Shanghai Fashion Week. A tight deadline required over time and precision work. The new website had to look good and boast a user friendly back-end. Working with photographers and videos, everything needed to be synchronized with web design and code. During the Shanghai Fashion Week, Decoster wanted to use a WeChat app to bring in its world-wide audience. The challenge was to integrate WeChat into a editable back-end CMS and bypass WeChat API limitations. Within two months we had both the official website and one of the kind WeChat app built for Shanghai Fashion Week done.

Project Highlights

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Chic Website

Giving Decoster a website revamp the brand rightly deserved.

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Organizing collections is always tricky on fashion brand sites. For our solution we went with an endless free falling scrolling solution. Realizing more people becoming lazy to click “next page” we utilized lazy loading masonry (Pinterest style grid) to ensure every product was visible on a single page.

Project work image for Decoster : Collection Categories

Collection Categories

We gave website visitors the ability to browse by seasonal collections. The Decoster designers would work with our webmaster to upload upcoming collections months in advance. The video would as well be created well in advance of the upcoming season and uploaded to the site.

Project work image for Decoster : Editable Pages

Editable Pages

We integrated a smart and user friendly back-end to the website allowing Decoster webmaster to jump in and collaborate with us on site content management throughout the entire site.

Project work image for Decoster : Digital Event at Fashion Week

Digital Event at Fashion Week

We built a WeChat gallery mobile app to bring global fans to the Shanghai Fashion Week event for Decoster. Visitors at the Decoster fashion week runway event could capture their favorite looks which would then be put on the company site gallery for the world to see. On site we had a gallery feed displaying on big monitors at the event getting more eyes on Decoster’s collection.

Project work image for Decoster : Casual, Comfortable, Lifestyle

Casual, Comfortable, Lifestyle

Lordeys develops a chic flagship website for Decoster, a leading Chinese fashion & retail brand. A fully automated site that allows customers to truly design each aspect of their jacket, share, and order it within minutes. We manage the Decoster website through a user friendly backend. This gives us the ability to create new product collections, add new store outlets, blogs, and edit pages amongst other things.

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