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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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The New Development Bank (formerly BRICS Development Bank), is a multilateral development bank that finances mega projects and innovates tailored solutions to help build a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future for the planet.

The previous NDB bank website was outdated, performed poorly on Google performance benchmarks, and was not mobile responsive. A website revamp was much needed, hence the bank sent out a tender for development of the site.

LORDEYS applied and after screening won the project. We were then presented with a big project scope that had many upfront specifications, this required not only web development, but more importantly consulting and content preparation. It was a challenge were very intrigued to deliver on.

Working with an organization of its size, we had to be patient and work diligently as approvals and feedback required more time than normally expected. With the site having a lot of text and documents, our content editor had his hands full to organize and downsize off-site content for the website. Last but not least, the site required extra optimization for images and documents (PDFs) due to the large quantities of data to be present on the site.

Project Manager 1x
Designer 1x
Content Developer 1x
Full Stack Developer 1x

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