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Alchemist Films is an award-winning international video production studio that delivers creative commercial and documentary video production. The studio was looking for a creative agency to revamp its aging studio website.

The aging website needed both a visual and web development overhaul of its dysfunctional state. The studio had hired a freelancer who could not meet the standards the video agency requested. The project was shelved but then restarted with a fresh approach, and this is where LORDEYS jumped in.

We had to provide Alchemist Films with a professional web design concept that meets its design tastes. No one likes a failed relationship. The studio was really careful in selecting design choices for its website. Coming from a failed project we understood the importance of meeting the project with honesty and accountability. The bar was set high.

Working with videos is always tricky and there are many aspect to consider during development. Video load times, quality, user experience(UX), and security had to be considered. Lucky for us, Alchemist Films was able to provide a standardized and web optimized videos through their production house.

Working together with Alchemist Films, we carefully designed each of the primary layout pages. We made sure to design with a modular mindset, the designs needed to be flexible to produce other new layouts in the future if needed. Using our approach Alchemist Films was able to explore different design directions and mockups to its satisfaction.

For the videos we convinced the studio to switch to working with the latest web video format (WebM) which allowed us to further optimize the user experience, improve video load times, and adaptive loading on videos on demand.

To keep all its awesome video production work organized LORDEYS integrated the latest Wordpress CMS allowing the studio to manage its site content in the most user friendly of ways.

Designer / Wordpress Developer / Project Manager

Project Highlights

Project work image for Alchemist Films : Desktop Website

Desktop Website

Alchemist Films studio custom WordPress CMS website desktop version.

Your video production needs

Great videos meet a great website. We gave Alchemist Films studio its pair of online wings to fly to new foreign destinations.

Project work image for Alchemist Films : Awards list

Awards list

Gallery integrated about page for the studio accomplishments.

Project work image for Alchemist Films : Slides of work

Slides of work

Snippets of works in animated slides throughout the site.

Project work image for Alchemist Films : List of Video Work

List of Video Work

Organized lists of commercial and documentary video production works.

Project work image for Alchemist Films : Individual Video Works

Individual Video Works

Individual detailed pages describing commercial and documentary video production works.

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