Lordeys is a multidisciplinary web agency that uses art direction, design, and web technologies to grow your business across digital and analog. We are problem solvers, creative thinkers, and web technicians specialized in working with global and local businesses across industries. From identity setup to launch, we challenge your goals to deliver on your vision.


  • Web Design & Code - Full Stack
  • Mobile Web & App Development
  • Digital Social Events
  • Offline Store Digital Solutions
  • Art Direction & Content - Imagery & Videography
  • E-commerce
  • Local SEO
  • Server & Hosting
  • Website & Server Management
  • New Technologies x Web - VR, IOT, Event Game Apps
  • Brand & Corporate Identity
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Michael Sabai

Creative / Africa & Asia


Tania Amaral

Development / Europe & Americas


Founded by Michael Sabai and Tania Amaral who met while running separate web businesses in Shanghai, China. Both entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology and startup business development.

"As foreigners overseas we witnessed many foreign companies struggle while entering Asian markets. The same held true for Asian businesses going global. We wanted to provide companies with better web solutions that reduced risks of going overseas. It was only natural that we started LORDEYS with 95% of our web solutions multilingual ready. "

Danko Aleksejevs
Web 2 Things Manager
Valeria Orlova
Graphics Curator
Cezary Siwa
Senior Web Developer
Helena Aleksandrova
Senior Graphics Designer
Mercy Nikolaus
Africa & Asia Manager
Abdel Curtis
U.S & Europe Manager
Matila Masola
Content & Curation
Adam Strattman
Photographer & Videos

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