Frequently Asked Questions

What types of clients do you typically work with?

We’ve been known to partner with organizations of all sizes, shapes, and forms β€” from funded startups and small-mid companies to large corporations, covering a variety of B2B and B2C sectors.

Working with people, brands, and businesses across the USA, Europe, China, Tanzania, Australia, and many others we eliminate borders and time zones through collaboration. To date, ninety percent of our clients speak multiple languages as reflected by our team.

What kind of process can I expect?

We start by understanding specific project requirements, timeline, budget range, and general project scope. While this is initially established in our project form, we utilize introductory calls and group messaging to outline projects in greater detail, ultimately leading to a statement of work.

After your satisfied and want to sign off(a contract), our team will prepare the necessary paperwork, followed by a deposit for the intial milestone and a kickoff call that ends in virtual handshakes. All projects are organized and led by a senior project manager with the help of industry-standard tools and scheduled meetings to provide updates and acquire feedback.

As the deadline is reached, through an iterative process divided into stages, we'll proudly launch another successful project and stand with our clients to support them as their business expands.

How are you dealing with time zone differences?

Our secret weapon is planning ahead β€” expeditiously identifying blockers, setting short-term goals, and holding both our team and clients accountable, we make sure the process flows effortlessly and communication runs smoothly. This skill has been mastered through years of experience on simmillar work. We identifying assignment challenges from the very first call with you (and preffer it this way) not to waste your time.

With the help of project management and collaborative tools (Clickup, Asana, Slack, to name a few), recorded video walkthroughs, and scheduled video calls, we eliminate borders and eliminate time zones.

What technologies do you use?

Internally, the majority of our projects are organized and led through Clickup. However, working alongside clients with specific requirements or a dedicated PM on board, we've been known to use whatever tech and collaboration style that works best for them, for the purposes of these projects β€” mostly related to bigger organizations and retainer type of projects.

Our senior project manager is able to use specific technologies based on project size, features, deadline and budget.

  • During the creative phase, by understanding the importance of choosing the appropriate tools, we have chosen nothing less than industry standards β€” Figma or Adobe Photoshop for UX/UI, Adobe Illustrator for branding and vector-based illustrations, Final Cut for video editing, and Adobe After Effects for animations.
  • Our development efforts uncover usual suspects β€” PHP, HTML, CSS(custom), JavaScript, Bootstrap and Tailwind. We cover headless CMS projects using Next.js and use customized WordPress as our CMS of choice for custom frontend integration.

    React, Node, and PostgreSQL are our developement stack of choice (flexible subject to your needs) for complex apps.

  • With around 30% of the global market share, WooCommerce has been our eCommerce platform of choice which we frequently de-bloat and customize.

What are your price rates?

There is no one size fits all. Our rates are a reflection of the complex processes we deal with during the project lifespan. Across all our services, we offer two types of billing arrangements: fixed fees and retainers β€” monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly β€” each having its advantages.

Fixed rates are predominantly used on individual projects with a clear scope of work. Retainer rates are frequently used on post-builds and monthly regular services.

Based on specific requirements, a typical project is broken up into several milestones upon which payments are expected upon approval. In this manner your payments are stretched out and easily accomodate most budgets.

So for instance, the first fee is a deposit used to gather team and initial requirements finalization. The second payment for example would be for design and is only expected after design work is completed or approved and so on.

For more details please contact us with your needs.

How long does it take for you to deliver a project?

A good, yet complex question to answer, given the variety of project types, communication loops, and project sizes. Considering project specifics you can expect the following time range for delivery of your project.

  • Branding projects can take from 4-10 weeks (with a good defined scope).
  • Website creation projects from 2-5 months to deliver depending on size. Platforms and complex apps are broken up into phases, they also carry over during transfer over to you.
  • Other project types such as content creation are usually fast-paced, but can greatly vary in duration.

Taking into account discovery, paperwork, and research phases, the time to deliver projects we undertake can fall anywhere between 1-5 months.

Don't get discouraged β€” it's well worth it.

If your work requires faster delivery time please contact us and we'll have a solution.

How soon can you take on a project?

Depending on specific requirements and project size, we can usually take on new projects within the week of our first call. However, we make sure that we sufficiently outline the project scope in more detail, plan ahead and set up project environment. Once we have put all pieces into place, we're ready to kick the project off. Stay ready so you don't have to get ready.

Will I have a project manager or one central contact?

Yes, we have a central point of contact dedicated to your work to ensure that one person is managing the project each step of the way. This is usually our senior project manager who will manage your team on our side.

Working with a team of people can sometimes be efficient and sometimes really slow things down. We typically request you to have single point of contact for managing your organization's decisions on our work.

How much time is spent commmunicating with you?

Everyone's time is limited, we like you to focus on what you do best but also get the best work out of us.

We pride on being proactive, it has got work done faster on many occassions, but sometimes your feedback is needed to avoid unwanted results.

Depending on your project requirements you will want to be in frequent communication with us over the course of the project.

Typical higher communication is needed during the early stages of your work, project scoping and design.

Once design or visuals are approved then development work goes on pretty silent. This will vary for our content creation work like videos, imagery and branding.

During project review and feedback you can expect some communication needed.

To make things easy we frequently setup our meeting times around our client's time zone and schedule. We will work on the project schedule outlining when an update meeting is needed. Meetings as usually over video calls but typical email communication gets a huge part of the work moving correctly.

On average our meetings last fourty minutes to an hour. For full reviews the maximum time spent on a call is roughly three hours. During website handover training calls or meetings can go up to four hours (which we can break down into parts).

How soon can you take on a project?

Depending on specific requirements and project size, we can usually take on new projects within the week of our first call. However, we make sure that we sufficiently outline the project scope in more detail, plan ahead and set up project environment. Once we have put all pieces into place, we're ready to kick the project off. Stay ready so you don't have to get ready.


We are a strategic partner to our clients. We'll help you refine, design and implement your project from conception to support through working proactively.


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