Minimalistic Co-working Space Website
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Minimalistic Co-working Space Website

November 2022

5 min reading

Your site has only a few seconds to evoke a response from a website visitor. This statement holds more weight now more than it did several years ago. The reason is simple. People spend more time online ( more so in developed markets at 80% /day ).

People know what a great businesses website ought to look like. It needs to look engaging and content needs to be clear. Therefore, in todays example we are going to show you a great example of a minimalistic co-working space website.

Look at this snapshot image below. You don't need to speak the language to get a good first impression of this company.
Minimalistic Co-working Space Website
Minimalistic Co-working Space Website

Reasons why we think this makes a great inspirational minimalistic co-working space website

- The less is more approach with high quality content speaks integrity
- Use of big text helps make content readable
- Spacing that lets the design breathe and lets you focus on the messages
- Choice of calm colors that dont scream " I need attention "

Let me see for myself - visit website

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