A must-see 3D immersive website – Review and lessons for you
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A must-see 3D immersive website – Review and lessons for you

May 2023

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3D Immersive website are great for explaining complex processes and taking site visitors on a more practical demonstration of your product. They are not cheap to build and take time, but if executed correctly, they are super fun, memorable and convert very well. Today we take a look at an amazing 3D immersive experience website we stumbled across online.
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Video - Get into the details by exploring this clever charging station

What we liked

Uncluttered Layout

This site would get a nod from the average person in the way that it is very simply done, and everything is easy to find. There is no messing around here, just the information that they want to convey presented in the simplest way possible with icons and navigation. People with no technical background would definitely appreciate the simplicity and ease of navigating this site.

Slow Speed

The layout is very clean, but also kind of bland. It makes you feel comfortable with the site because you don’t feel overwhelmed by information, the content presentation is well organized for its purpose.

Clean Modern Design

The design is a mix of cute, engineering renders, and adventure – but like we said before a bit too bland. They should think about adding more colors to the color-scheme, or shadows to elements to liven it up a bit. Perhaps make the link buttons move or light up, or have some kind of animation on the page as interactive effects.

Effective Navigation

It is extremely easy to navigate this site because all of the icons and links are right there on the top, and bottom, which is excellent. One thing with this navigation is you should have an alternative form of getting around. If someone has a browser which doesn’t load graphics, it would be difficult for them to get around this site, so they should have the links in text form at the bottom of the page. Other than that, the navigation is perfect!
3d immersive experience wed development
Enjoy the charge.

Things to improve and fix

Slow Speed

The mini site loads slow because of all the 3D rendering and the many elements involved in putting the site together. Fast load time is important, few would stick around to wait for the experience – we almost missed it. In fact, according to Google Page speed, the site gets 5.6 seconds speed index on mobile, on desktop Google reported errors. These Google speed numbers are not good, and indicate a slow loading website. 2 to 3 seconds load speed is the industry standard. Considering that Google couldn’t even run speed tests on its desktop site, this site must have been more than 10 seconds to load, ouch!

Bad Search Visibility

Search engine optimization wise, there are no meta tags, specifically no meta descriptions so that needs to be fixed. The site is missing a H1 header on the homepage, very important for search engine visibility. The site has very few internal links this would probably hurt link building efforts to boost getting found on search engines like Google. Overall the site gets only a 50% score on SEO performance checker – Seobility.

Missing Its Objective

If you stumbled on this website directly you wouldn’t know what its about. For sure you would have some idea like its about charging your electric vehicle but you would have no idea of where its applicable. In fact, you wouldn’t know much information about the company behind this innovative idea, nor how to contact them. It could be that the site is just a campaign page but it should have a conversion idea behind it. What’s this site’s KPI, the call to attention seems to have been missed or poorly executed. We expected at least an about and contact page.
3d immersive experience user interactions
More color would be welcome.

The verdict

All in all this site is very immersive, we can tell and appreciate all the time involved into building the website, but SEO performance needs to be worked on, its basic website 101. But very well done! See the website for yourself here.
3d immersive experience website design
Attention to details and smooth flow of animations.

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