Google’s January 2020 Core Update is Live
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Google’s January 2020 Core Update is Live

January 2020

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Here we go again

A new Google Search core algorithm release is now online, and is simply goes by the name ” January 2020 Core Update “. It affects all search results as it is a core update but does not target anything specific like the updates made by Panda or Penguin.

How often is there an update

A core update, normally released several times a year makes broad changes to search algorithm aimed at making results more relevant to users. This means users can expect to see an increase in high quality and authoritative content links that show up on search results.
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Google search January 2020 Core Update

What is new

Google has changed how its search systems assess site content, and they offer a quick and simple example of how this works. For instance when Google performed a core update to a top movies list in lets say 2016, its assessment was relevant for 2016. Its now 2020 and there are more ways and sources that assessments for a listing of top movies can be conducted through for ratings. Does this mean that older movies that got replaced are bad? Not at all. It just means that Google acknowledges that there have obviously been more newer movies that deserve more attention now. Google aims to provide not only more newer content in results but more relevant with the current times we are in.
Google Search Updated in January 2020
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Should i change my content

If you’re trying to find out the quality of your content then we recommend you head over to the Google Webmaster Blog where you’ll find a list of questions that you can ask yourself if you’re doing the best you can. Going through those questions and reading other these classic tips from Google will help you improve the quality of your content.

So what should I do

As mentioned previously Google loves quality content. The search giant also assures site owners that if their sites face a decrease in rankings or traffic, that it might not be because of their site. This simply means don’t panic. Google asks that you keep focusing on producing quality content for your audience, which ultimately has always been what their search algorithms want to deliver to search engine users. Also be aware that if your site does decline in rankings and traffic after this latest core update, you’ll have to wait until the next core update in order to see any improvements to any changes you make or regain previous performance. Don’t give up, keep producing good content and you will be rewarded in due time.

Prepare for future changes

For sure you need to be smart, and think ahead . If you’re an experienced webmaster then you should be used to core updates and AI changes by now. Google is constantly tweaking their search algorithms, and the information on smaller updates are not announced. To minimize damage from such updates to your site’s search performance you should pay attention to abnormal fluctuations in your site traffic. More importantly you should visit the Google Webmasters Blog or its Webmasters Twitter account for updates on when the next one is. Preparing is better than catching up.

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