Wooohoo! Our Barentz gets a New Logo
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Wooohoo! Our Barentz gets a New Logo

July 2022

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Logos matter

As it’s obviously known, the logo design of a company can either boost or hurt its business prospects.

The client

Barentz (est. 1953) is an international leader in sales, marketing and distribution of high-quality ingredients. Whilst its heritage and focus is on the European market, Barentz is also rapidly growing in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Americas. In 2017, turnover for the Barentz group reached 1,1 billion euro.

Growing globally company

To keep up with global expansion the company decided to update its current logo, which was more rigid to a more balanced version that reflects more diversity and openness. A logo update not only represents a more modern identity, it also indicates to its audience that the company is inclusive to more markets.
barentz-main-banner website design
Our multilingual Asia corporate website for Barentz
BRT Global Company Old Logo Design
BRT Global Company New Logo Design and Revamp

The updates

The new logo is an update on the old with a more balance set of typefaces, a softer font, and a single capital letter. The solid line has been replaced with a red dot which symbolizes an inclusive world.

Our verdict

It looks much better than the old logo, at least to the forty people who we randomly asked to compare the old logo with this new one.

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