6 Aggressive SEO and Marketing tricks to unleash during this Coronavirus pandemic
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6 Aggressive SEO and Marketing tricks to unleash during this Coronavirus pandemic

Pandemic mode

This is our guide to online marketing during the coronavirus pandemic. The events of the past seven months or so have disrupted our daily lives and will, if not already had a fundamental impact on how we communicate and work for the next couple of years at least. While the world is working to get along with the pandemic businesses are busy figuring out the best way to proceed and how to communicate more effectively with their audience in a time like this. As digital marketing experts with over 10 years of experience in online marketing, we at LORDEYS wanted to share some insights with our clients about digital marketing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Physical distance & digital communication

Every country is adapting it’s own measures to deal with the pandemic. While some choose total lockdown, others are choosing partial quarantine. Irrespective of method, the Internet still exists and is online. This allows many of us to continue with work and gives a unique opportunity for your business to engage with customers in a new way. Now is not the time to panic and shutdown your businesses, it’s the time to get creative and explore ways to keep your brand on the map – even boost it. As businesses that depend on physical contact for revenues scale back and shut down, there is a huge opportunity that didn’t exist before for small companies who can survive to exploit. Going online is certainly a good guarantee that your business at least will not hit rock bottom.

Changing dynamics of marketing

Work from home has become the new norm, traditional physical stores have moved online. Streets have become empty and many businesses have shut down. With fewer people commuting around ( most of these public servants ), a lot of traditional communication means like billboards and point of sale displays are no longer reaching customers. Along with offline events being cancelled a lot of sponsors and marketing companies are taking hits. This means businesses should focus on reaching customers online and at home rather than on traditional public places. For your business it thus makes sense to allocate budgets that were intended offline to online. For instance your sales team don’t need to travel anymore, the travel budget could instead be spent online aggressively.

New ways consumers consume media

There are already studies out there that highlight how people around the globe are now consuming media during the coronavirus pandemic. For instance according to the Statista Website people are watching more TV including streaming during this pandemic for news. Second to news, people are watching entertainment and then followed by messaging on apps like WhatsApp / Facebook. Interestingly and as expected, the way different generations are consuming media has also been affected by COVID-19. With certain generations showing less change than others as according to Global Web Index report on U.S and U.K consumers. As the study finds out 68% of consumers search for pandemic updates online than any other activity. Generation Z consumers however seek more entertainment rather than searching for news. In light of these developments, LORDEYS offers the following advise to keep your business thriving during this coronavirus pandemic.
Media consumption infographic during Covid

1. Improve Your Content Marketing

In the digital world content is king. Online marketing content is used to develop long term relationships with customers through non-promotional content. This non-promotional content is designed to not only add value your consumers but also establish your brand reputation. This content includes blogs, video, and infographics which are designed to share experiences and help solve problems for your consumers. While advertising is promotional, content marketing is about creating a story and personality around your brand – so consumers who are ready to buy or not both can relate to. This content can be used to educate, inspire and add value to your customers even long after the pandemic is gone. By shifting your focus towards content marketing you can connect with customers who are now at home with more time to engage screens than ever before. To help you effectively implement content marketing we recommend you work with a specialized digital marketing agency. The right digital marketing agency will help your business invest in the right channels, avoid common content marketing mistakes, and ensure the right people see your message correctly.

2. Pay attention to Search Engines

People are always going to need products and services. Especially now that less stuff is on the street and more people are at home – the internet is where people will be searching for purchases. There is panic, with disruption in production and delivery, consumers will be looking to buy in bulk and save to offset short market supply. I think you get the idea πŸ™‚ In terms of aggressive marketing this is the right time for PPC marketing in addition to organic SEO. Before jumping to SEO it’s important to do market research and uncover the keywords and traffic numbers expected to generate KPIs. After which it makes more sense to jump into hiring content writers for topics that are relevant. A Digital marketing agency or SEO company has all the experience needed to help you avoid wasting your budget on poor marketing results.

3. Exploit online opportunities

If any of your offline business can be moved online then this would be a good time to do so. If you operate an offline store then your database of emails can help you transition online. Before trying to move your business online be sure to check your website. Is your website up to modern standards and capable to serve your customers without damaging their online experience. Don’t forget you’ll need to get a professional website that attracts your offline traffic, your content wont look good on an outdated broken site. The site needs to be not be functional, offer value beyond offline that allows your consumers to re-order online. This means paying attention to website conversion. This is where your Wix website won’ cut it, unless it was made by a professional not yourself. Remember your consumers visit a lot of nice modern, flashy, professional sites. Why should they be tempted to shop or request your services if your competitors site offers a better value proposition, answers their questions easily, and looks great?

4. Tweak, test, and adapt

Getting your presence online noticed requires two important things. A converting website and engaging content. This becomes even more crucial during this pandemic when everyone will want to move online. You obviously know that you are not the online website in your industry. Every business out there is trying hard to outrank the competition for trending content terms. During this pandemic every business will make a website and try to sell something online – if not masks πŸ™‚ It’s impossible to start with a good website and get your content automatically rank you at the top on search engines to beat the new crowd. In fact, you should not focus on ranking the top for every type of topic. You are trying to get noticed for the right type of content searched by the right people. These are the people who are most likely going to buy your services or products. To find the right people online and convert these website visitors you need to keep constantly optimizing and improving your website user experience through UX tests and analytics. The lessons from these tests and analytics require your website and content strategy to adapt to searched topics and new web technologies. Do not forget keeping up with SEO ( search engine optimization ) new techniques. Tweak, test, and adapt to boost your web presence and maintain your brand online.

5. Video content is king

It’s no secret that online visitors love consuming videos. It’s no wonder that more than 70% of businesses have reported that using video has improved conversion. And thanks to social distancing and quarantining people have more time to spend online, this means they can watch longer videos. Videos is going to be the go-to media strategy for a lot of brands during this pandemic. This is a good opportunity to create more podcasts, webinars, and vlogs. Think less text, more video. Producing a video is a bit more complicated than writing a blog, however, the conversion is higher as video allows your brand to connect to your audience visually, vocally, and emotionally.

6. Host a digital event

With the pandemic here digital events are all the hype. Companies like Google have been active in this field by converting live in-person product launches into digital unveilings through technologies like VR and html5 video sharing platforms. Holding a digital event allows you to create a immersive online experience for your customers at the comfort of their couch. Without all the typical event noise and people chatter, you have your customers full attention. This means your brands visibility will be very high while at the same time keeping your customers safe.


With the coronavirus here your business needs to move aggressively yet smart online. It is important to consider where your audience is and what they want from you right now. Your audience wants to be assured that your business is running as usually, they also need to know what systems you have in place during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety of your products and services. While many companies will be looking to save money during this pandemic, it may not be wise to cut your online marketing budget. You may be tempted to opt for bottom price SEO and digital marketing services. Don’t be fooled – saving budget short-term will impact long-term results. An article written by well established writer does a lot more for your website search engine performance than one from a student. Low cost, low quality SEO services will only result in low ranking and wrong traffic – think a lot of spam. Bad SEO practice and digital marketing can even land you on search engines bad side – penalties and your site getting black listed in performance πŸ™ Now is the time to grow digital marketing ground and forge ahead of your competitors. Because if your competitors are scaling back – reducing online marketing budgets, and your going aggressive with a big budget allocated wisely, you will emerge post-coronavirus with a significant advantage. LORDEYS would like to assure all our clients that we are taking this COVID-19 pandemic seriously and following country regulations to stay safe. It is business as usual for us as we are very accustomed to working remotely. Get in touch with us today to develop a bespoke SEO and digital marketing strategy during his opportunistic time.

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