5 SEO false myths to avoid
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5 SEO false myths to avoid

October 2022

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Not so fast

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an evolving craft. Any SEO expert would tell you that “proven” tactics tend to become old news quicker than being understood. As Google now depends more than ever on AI as our SEO friends at RankBrain confirm this, your keywords have very little effect on your ranking and visibility. As always SEO has become an experience and endurance game rewarding those that constantly invest in learning whats new secrets. Sadly there are always companies looking for quick results driven by either management or bad SEO companies. Learn some strategies to avoid here.

Spend more

“Our competitor spends $15,000 a month on SEO. We’ve discovered a new SEO cheat so can risk spending double their budget for 3 months and stop if it doesn’t result in constant traffic ramp up”

You might naturally assume that your page edit made last week resulted in a sudden change in your Google ranking for a particular word. You might naturally assume that repeating this over time will have the same effect. In reality, it is not true. In many cases the change in your Google ranking may have nothing to do with anything that you changed. Sadly such cases of mixing cause and effect is what gives birth to a lot of false information online that businesses tend to believe before even meeting an expert. Like the meeting where a client is tells the SEO expert ” I have read online… ” . Let’s go over some basic myths that are obviously not true (at least since SEO was born ).
SEO false myths to avoid in 2018
Doing whatever it takes - not smart

More words better score

Also known as 500 word articles rank higher. Ranking well is not about the number of words. It’s about the uniqueness of the content. Shorter copy ranks just as well if you are able to optimize it for 3-5 keyword phrases. So be brief but to the point. Remember the attention span of the average user is only a few seconds.

Make it text heavy

You might have been told search engines only care about text content. While it is true that Google reads mostly text, the users visiting your site will likely remember visuals. Do you care about traffic to your site or converting visitors into customers? The truth of it is obvious here. Your business makes money when you convert, so ranking higher is less of a priority compared to bounce and conversion. Besides, its nice that robots can read long boring text articles online, but your site is for people.

More daily updates

You may have read somewhere that you need to update your site more frequently. It is true that frequent site updates will invite search engines more frequently but that wont help your ranking. Don’t change your site just to make search engines happy. Obviously it will result in inconsistent snapshots of your site structure on search engines and naturally confuse returning visitors. If frequent site updates were helped ranking, it wouldn’t explain why some of the highest ranking sites on Google haven’t been touched in years.

Submit to search engines

You have also read somewhere that your site must be submitted to search engines. Maybe once upon a time this was true, 6 years ago. Search engines have become much smarter at crawling and are constantly doing it without the need for instructions. As long as your site does not block crawling, search engines will come and list your site. This would explain how our own website got on Baidu search without us ever submitting to China’s biggest search engine. The benefit of submitting your site is only to make sure the engines get correct information about your site, but you getting found happens naturally.

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