Mouth-watering Michelin Chef and Restaurant Website Design
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Mouth-watering Michelin Chef and Restaurant Website Design

November 2023

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Whats a Michelin Star

For those not familiar with the foodie scene, a Michelin Star is a prestigious culinary title given by the Michelin Guide Website, to only the finest restaurants and hotels around the world. Contrary to popular belief Michelin stars can only be attached to a restaurant and not an individual chef. However in most cases a Michelin star chef would imply a chef whose work has contributed to a resturant or hotel reciving a Michelin star.
why chefs and hotels-need a website by lordeys

More Food Less Digital

With a Michelin Star requiring considerable time and experience to obtain, chefs and restaurants tend to devote more attention to their food and hotel experience rather than digital identity. Don’t believe us? Try Google “Michelin chef websites” or “top resturant websites” and you will be greeted with very old neglected sites. Lucky for these chefs and restaurants digital agencies like LORDEYS are around. We love not only eating but working with food (and hotels). In fact, sites of award-winning chef Egidio Latoracca and Wei Hotels are just some of our latest samples from our kitchen.
Chef egidiolatorra cover
Our food photography is so good that you can practically smell the flavors.

Why might a chef or restaurant need a website?

With plenty of fame and producing award-winning food, one would wonder why a renowned chef, restaurant or hotel need a website.

Stay relevant – get social

There are always new exciting chefs and establishments getting into the market. How does one stay in the mix? Constantly updating a resume and restaurant services only gets you so far. Keeping up with the digital world and getting your identity online is more future proof. Besides, most of the current celebrity chefs, influencers and content creators are perceived as better than Michelin star chefs. Why? Because they are relevant to today’s generation of food lovers through social media, video channels and digital web.

Boost Credibility – Livestream

A digital presence like a professional made website can enhance a chef’s credibility and authority in the industry. It helps them differentiate themselves from competitors and demonstrates their commitment to excellence and culinary innovation. Same is true for restaurants and hotels. It is great to have awards hanging in your office or kitchen, but what if your audience could live stream you receiving the same award through your very own website? Your achievement becomes a lot more credible and helps personally brand you to a much wider audience.

Expand your reach – Go global

Through web presence even the most local renowned chef is able to reach a wider audience beyond their local area. Getting digitally social allows chefs and restaurants to promote services to a global audience, share recipes and culinary knowledge, and collaborate with other chefs and food vloggers. This global reach helps minimize risks and open opportunities to global events. Events such as pop-up kitchens and pop-up cafes have been a result of culinary experts getting more digital.
Chef's Table
Our award-winning chef Egidio at work, we shot this for his website.

The verdict

We understand that it takes considerable time, manpower, and finance to create top class culinary content. As a chef, owner of a resturant or hotel will prioritize putting out kitchen fires onsite vs what reviews they get online.
why chefs and hotels-need a website by lordeys
Attention to details and smooth flow of animations.

Our Latest Video Content Production

Recipes menu production. Video production and editing with the chef consisting of multiple shoots.
Video - We recently shot chef Egidio prepare his famous Italian lamb rack

Our production

WEI Hotels

Launching an award-winning retreat's website

Video Production - Shanghai

Chef Egidio Latorraca

Giving digital taste to beautiful dishes

Video Production - Shanghai

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