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Based in California, PebbleLife is an innovative startup that aims to shake up the mobile home market with an innovative a fleet of 100% electric, hassle-free RVs. The company approached us through our sister agency in the U.S to develop an interactive web experience for promotion of its radical full electric smart RV, Pebble Flow.

PebbleLife was looking for a creative full stack development agency with experience in producing digital experiences for automotive industry. We showcased our previous work for AMG-Benz and Porsche which were delivered on tight deadlines as part of social digital events for car launches.

Working with animations always places great challenges on perfecting the timing of transitions. Along with the requirement for content interactions to have just enough time to be read. Add videos to the mix and it gets even more tricky.

Whenever video is involved, greater code optimization is involved. The more the videos the longer visitors need to wait for scenes. Our work was to make sure the videos and experience loaded fast enough not to get abandoned.

We had to also work remote with multiple teams on PebbleLife side, using Trello for collaboration made things smooth but also got us realizing the large scale of tasks needed to meet the upcoming project deadline.

Based on PebbleLife's brand identity we sketched, wireframed, and custom designed pages through a UI framework. With customized UI done we could then get on integrating layout iterations of the front-end and back-end using Node and NextJS. The result was a mockup build.

With the mockup build done we continued to fine tuning pages whilst dealing with normal bug fixes primary mobile devices. Coordinating with Pebblelife's team we final got the approval for an official completion of the first demo.

With the first demo done we handed over the site for feedback. After feedback we, we integrated a fast scalable headless back-end CMS to give the site enough speed while keeping content editors happy. The site was completed and launched after a few more revisions.

Graphics Designer
Full Stack Developer
Project Manager

Project Highlights

Project work image for Pebble Electric RV : Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience

PBL electric RV React mobile phone version.

Project work image for Pebble Electric RV : Desktop Website

Desktop Website

PBL electric RV React website desktop version.

Project work image for Pebble Electric RV :

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