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Baidu Baike is a Chinese-language web-based encyclopedia owned and made by Baidu. Baidu is the Google of China.

Baidu was searching for unique dogs in China to add to its Baike web-based encyclopedia. Our creative director's dog (Zulu) was spotted at our office by Baidu team and was chosen to be featured as the Cane Corso ambassador dog on Baidu Baike. LORDEYS was also chosen to produce the video that its dog stared in.

Working with animals is tricky. Zulu had to undergo a pre-shoot check before a 2-week pre shoot training for the script. Had to ensure that Zulu was calm and able to follow the video directors instructions for extended periods of time.

Our creative director, the dog owner, had to be on the shoot in order to help manage Zulu. This resulted in some delays in shoot to convey communication changes within the script and any adjustments needed to Zulu's actions.

In dealing with Zulu, we ensure we took short breaks between shoots for Zulu to eat and re-energize. This enabled Zulu to stay attentive throughout much of the shoot.

Video Director 1x | Creative Director 1x | Videographer 1x | Dog Makeup Artist 1x

Project Highlights

The Video

Video showcasing the amazing history and qualities of this Italian mastiff (Cane Corso).

Project work image for Baidu : The Page

The Page

The Baidu Dog wiki page featuring Zulu. Educating visitors on the rich Italian history of the dog breed and its features.

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