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A Sports Brand’s Digital Event

Web App, WeChat

Founded in Germany, our client is the second largest athletic apparel and footwear manufacturer in the world, after Nike.

Our client was looking to boost its brand image in Asia through its stores in Singapore, Malaysia and China. The plan was to setup space inside chosen event areas during early spring, in time to boost upcoming summer sales. Among other campaigns, the idea was to develop a digital (and social) version of its trademark personal goal setting initiative to engage more users. This digital event was done through a mini web app connected to the company's WeChat account and became a LORDEYS assignment.



China, Malaysia, Singapore


Our client setup space inside chosen event areas in spring. Among other activations, the idea was to develop a digital (and social) version of its trademark personal goal setting initiative, to engage users. This was done through a mini web app hosted through the company WeChat account.

Project Highlights

WeChat Social App


1. Brand Awareness

Increase awareness of our clients brand and its personal goal setting core belief system, by digitalizing it and amplifying it through social media.

2. Engagement

Engage and captivate target audience through digitalized personal goal setting tool to drive users to complete the full quiz.

3. Fan Recruitment:

Increase number of followers on brand’s WeChat official account, to allow for future engagement opportunities.

Digital Social App

The Idea


The idea was to create a web app platform for users to get inspired and define their own Vision or Goal for (10-year, 5-year or 2-year) and share it online.


We then gathered all goals posted into one gallery, to highlight and strengthen the sense of community across the company’s brand fan base.


The app was promoted through the company’s WeChat official account, in order to attract new followers throughout the campaign.


The experience introduced users the brand’s philosophy by connecting with their every day lives.

WeChat Service Channel

App & Campaign Execution Brief


Through WeChat marketing and at the event participants follow the company official channel to access the campaign app. This is achieved by scanning an event dedicated QR code.


Participants join a lucky draw by submitting a target to achieve. Our app then encourages them to share on their moments through a special generated tracking QR code. The QR code counts invites sent out by the user.


Periodically the company sends out all participants a link to the event gallery This event gallery is also projected live at the event on a big LED screen where prizes are given.

WeChat Analytics KPI

Incentives & KPIs

Tracking for Giveaways

To amplify the campaign’s audience reach we used incentives to drive traffic and encourage users to participate. We tracked WeChat users who participated in the campaign, and using a lucky draw system distributed incentives.


– Increase of WeChat followers.
– Viewership & re-post of the site.
– Event venue attendance numbers.

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