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Mercedes-AMG, is the high performance brand used by Mercedes-Benz. For over 50 years Mercedes-AMG has been delivering high performance automotive solutions world-wide from its headquarters in German and other global facilities. The company approached us through our Shanghai office to build their WeChat mini app for mobile devices.

LORDEYS was tasked to buildout the AMG drivers academy site for China with emphasis on WeChat social media. At the time it was difficult working with WeChat API as its documentation was not extensive, the WeChat social media app was also experiencing a period of rapid growth. This growth ment its API was at times not stable and required extensive custom coding or work arounds to get it properly integrating with other third-party platforms. We are delighted to have dealt with these challenges and delivering for such an inspiring global automotive company.

Project Highlights

Fast Loading

We built the AMG web app to meet the challenges of slow 4G and wifi networks on mobile devices in China. By developing a page load system prioritizing heavy content on the page, we were able to cut down load times for visitors and improve user experience.

Join & Personalize

The simplified a former complex procress for drivers to sign-up to the club and personalize their car choices. Within three pages and few scrolls AMG academy hopefuls were able to get on board.

Track Info Anytime

Race track information on the go.

A New Concept

Mercedes-AMG wanted to bring the concept of sharing driving experiences to China. The idea was to promote its drivers academy through China social media: Weibo & WeChat. It needed a bi-lingual mobile focused web app to drive its marketing efforts to consumers. Glad to have worked with AMG on this assignment and learned a few things about racing cars on the track.

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