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Based in Japan, Vivobarefoot is a shoe brand that designs and manufactures minimalistic shoes centered around comfort. The company approached us to develop a video that would be part of its interactive web experience for promotion of its radical scan-to-print circular bare-foot-wear system, Vivobiome.

With the core of the promotion landing page built, we had to use our understanding of React and Nextjs to integrate the video and timings into the build. For the motion we used un-real engine and Houdini to create the graphics visuals, this tied in well with the main theme of 3D printed shoes.

Project Highlights

Smart loader for a web experience app
Interactive elements for a web experience app
Scrolling animation for a web experience app
Editable promotion message for a web experience app
Brand positioning story loader for a web experience app
Hover spots for more details on a web experience app
The punchline, your intent on product promotion
Sales pitch on product promotion through a web experience app
Product promotion web experience
Call to attention on product promotion web experience

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