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Analytics, Google, Web App

Based in Shanghai with operations in the U.S, Seoul, and Singapore UPLTV was a leader in mobile games advertising solutions for game developers and mobile publishers.

UPLTV was looking to expand its mobile games advertising solutions beyond Shanghai. They setup offices in the U.S and South America at a time when the mobile game industry was experiencing its gold rush period. Due to a limited in-house resources and lack of international design experience, the company reached out to LORDEYS through good recommendation from our other client.

Project work image for UPLTV : Identity, App & Website

Identity, App & Website

UPLTV utilizes its patented artificial intelligence (AI) software to enable game developers personalize mobile game advertising experience for their games through machine learning, big data and advanced algorithms based on users’ behavior and preference. We came in to develop their brand identity, design their UI/UX, build their app and corporate website.

Project Highlights

Project work image for UPLTV : Logo Concept

Logo Concept

Typeface based custom inspired by mobile game analytics visuals: pie-charts, curve lines, and graphs.

Project work image for UPLTV : Logo Finalized

Logo Finalized

Finalized logo with chosen corporate identity colors representing innovation and technology.

Project work image for UPLTV : Print Logo

Print Logo

Shape absent of color allowing the logo to blend in with materials.

Project work image for UPLTV : Business Cards

Business Cards

Enabling UPLTV sales instantly share contact details without the need for an app or internet connection. Especially useful in markets where going online is still super expensive.

Project work image for UPLTV : Web App

Web App

Design and build of the back-end driven app including the user dashboard, marketing analytics, reports, user journey guide and so much more.

Project work image for UPLTV : Illustrations & UI

Illustrations & UI

Custom crafted modular sets of illustrations and modern icons for use both online and offline as marketing assets.

Project work image for UPLTV : Content Management System

Content Management System

Wordpress was utilized for its content management abilities which allowed UPLTV content creators to create and manage site content through emails and site login.

Project work image for UPLTV : Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design

A simplified yet flexible modern less-is-more approach was used when designing and coding the UPLTV corporate site. With clear spacing and typography sizes to enable illustrations and charts stand out more.

Project work image for UPLTV : Multiple User Types

Multiple User Types

Custom multi-step forms with conditional logic that differentiate actions and permissions unique to each type of game developers or user.

Project work image for UPLTV : Modular Layouts

Modular Layouts

Flexible layout template modules that enable the website editor quickly generate multiple page layouts that meet different content needs.

Project work image for UPLTV : Curated Imagery

Curated Imagery

Discovered and recommended images matching the message and site colors.

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