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Thomas Fuesser is an award-winning freelance photographer and designer whose acclaimed career in photography, design, advertising and art spans from his native Germany. Thomas approached us to build his personal portfolio of works to showcase his assignments, resume, lectures and other files related to his career.

Building a portfolio website always requires a balance of content and load speed. Most artists would love to put up all their work but online space and load speed have limitations. With people spending less time browsing sites we had to come up with a preview driven concept to organizing and displaying the works of Thomas. We worked together with Thomas to ensure that he was able to contribute to the site concept. Using Wordpress CMS we built a portfolio site for him to last for decades, we trained him on how to run and manage the site.

Project Highlights

Homepage Slider

Slideshow on the website showcases the latest and greatest works from Thomas.


Organized portfolio works according to type of work and location.

Editorial Articles

Ability to add editorials and press items onto the website.

Immersive Fullscreen

Fullscreen immersive view mode for portfolio work.


Editable biography gets prospective clients closer to Thomas, his career, and his achievements.

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Art is poetry

We are very delighted to have worked with Thomas on his personal portfolio and learned a thing or two about shooting portraits.

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