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Top20 is the ultimate platform for job seekers. Listing over 1,000+ competitive jobs from 500+ top global companies, the platform helps companies find the right talent, and job seekers find their dream job.

Lordeys develops a fully automated subscription based recruitment platform for an American company based in Shanghai. Our platform allows recruitment managers to find top twenty of the finest talent in their relevant industry. This platform is powered by a one of its kind artificial intelligence talent matching system. Candidates can only take self-assessments and get instantly matched to employers. TOP20 webmaster manages the platform through a user friendly backend. This allows TOP20 the ability to view subscriptions, edit service packages, manage talent, curate recommendations, and edit informational pages amongst other things.

To wow investors Top20 Talent had to quickly create a prototype of their revolutionary AI driven recruitment platform. That said, Lordeys had a limited time frame and budget to pull of the first Beta. We worked with Opensource MVC and integrated APIs with the proprietary AI system. As the whole concept was new and requirements were sketchy, Lordeys had to come up with a sound solution that investors would approve for funding and successful launch. Our developers were quick to come up with a custom solution that required less turn around time but gave its first launch all the praise. Another main challenge was the back-end needed to be simple and intuitive for the Top20 webmaster to manage and update the site. We tapped into a custom CMS solution that was bare naked without bloat. Our team had to make a website that represented the unique service our client delivers, and we did it successfully.

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Project Highlights

Project work image for Top20Talent : Multipurpose Login

Multipurpose Login

A combination of login, registration, and sales pitch ( slideshow of facts) to increase user engagement. One page does it all.

Project work image for Top20Talent : Register Motivated

Register Motivated

Video highlighting value proposition and incentive motivate visitors to register via user friendly forms.

Project work image for Top20Talent : Candidates Page

Candidates Page

Text friendly content using clearly organized content and custom icons that guide job candidates.

Project work image for Top20Talent : Resume Submission Form

Resume Submission Form

Organized and user friendly submission form that builds a re-usable job candidate profile.

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