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Imondi is a pioneer in the design and production of high-end flooring & wall cladding made from reclaimed wood. British-owned, Shanghai-based with in-house design and production facilities, Imondi has emerged as a full-solution partner for some of the world’s leading designers and architects, particularly those with an eye to innovation and sustainability. The company approached us to revamp their static aging website.

Imondi had an outdated site that was not mobile ready and full of crucial bugs. As the company was expanding it needed a new website that reflected its new direction. One of our biggest problems was to cut down its massive product catalog into its highlight products. We also had to provide viewers with multiple ways to access sites. Our solution was to use a smart filter system which in then also allowed visitors to customize wood products. Another main issue was the back-end needed to be simple and intuitive for the Imondi webmaster to update the site. Our team had to make a website that represented the brand's unique offering allowing it to have a strong core for its web presence years to come.

Project Highlights

Flooring Showcase

A solid revamp for award-winning British owned wood flooring manufacturer .

Smart Products Navigation

Mobile ready, extensive product catalog friendly. We built the site for Imondi customers to find and order products faster using our instant products search feature. Product individual pages had panels that only show important information. The ability for Imondi customers to easily order products through a product page of their choice. Imondi was able to turn a static products website, into a business extension with lead generation included.

Extensive Products Pages

Imondi sells customizable floors, thus we built the site with advance product customization. Using the expandable detailed panes Imondi customers are able to get into details of floor specifics, materials, sizing, installation environment,, and so on.

Smart Product Collections

We coded the site to address a critical problem of hidden products. With our smart search filters, Imondi customers are able to browse products organized by specifics. This works well for designers who know what materials, sizes, and can not miss products burried deep in Imondi’s large product catalog.

Products Collections Showcase

We made sure that installation showcase of products more visuals that text. For this we built a simple flip image gallery of slides.

Back-end Ready

Imondi webmaster manages the company website through a user friendly backend. This allows Imondi the ability to update products, edit pages, and creation of new collections amongst other things.

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