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Headquartered in Mariano, Italy, Doppiozero39 specializes in interior design with tradition characteristic of unquestionable value. A combination of carpenters, upholsterers, architects, interior designers; its artists have shaped innovative ideas, original styles, and new concept of space and the elements within. The company approached us through Google search to revamp their website for Asia.

Doppiozero39 required a mix of classic, functional, and modern style website: we had to integrate all three styles. Being modernists we had to take ourselves back in time for the design. It had to be timeless elegance. The site has some effects which required high res images, optimization needed to be spot on. The website being available world-wide meant we had to solve the issue of server and load speed. Our team managed to solve these crucial issues especially the video by self-hosting and javascript optimization. In the end Dippiozero39 got the very website that they liked and will be in use for the next couple of years.

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Project Highlights

Project work image for Doppiozero : Front & Back-end

Front & Back-end

We built a modern looking editable website the showcased client work for Doppiozero39 . It mainly composed of mobile friendly portfolios, the blog, interior production, and the company pages.

Project work image for Doppiozero : Video Experience

Video Experience

We built the site to greet visitors with beautiful videos of Doppiozero39 works showreel and Italian artist craftsmanship. Videos had to be self-hosted, others on Youku, and some on Youtube depending on where the visitor was visiting from.

Project work image for Doppiozero : Multilingual & Global

Multilingual & Global

The website we built was to be available in Italian, English, and Chinese. Doppiozero39 visitors would be redirected based on the language and country to the language of their choice.

Project work image for Doppiozero : Customized Interiors

Customized Interiors

We learned alot from building a multilingual global website for an award-winning Italian interior design company. It was a pleasure to learn so much about wood craftmanship, its challenges, and to apply that in the website design language.

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