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Fissler is one of the world's leading cookware brands. Founded in 1845 by Carl Philipp Fissler, the company uses state of the art technology to produce the ultimate in premium quality and design. It's little wonder its award-winning collection is truly coveted by professional cooks all over the world. China has a growing luxury market the company could not ignore. To support its brand initiative Fissler picked us to build its ecommerce store as a compliment to its T-Mall and physical stores across the country.

We had to work extra hard on UI and UX with Fissler since it was its first website to understand the China market. Working with its current global visual identity also meant we didn't have flexibility on certain aspects of the website look and feel. We the code build ready to integrate with China payment providers such as WeChat and Alipay which at the time did not have stable APIs or mature documentation.

Project work image for Fissler : High traffic ecommerce

High traffic ecommerce

The site was built for transfer to their in-house team of content creators who would mostly manage cooking events and store locations, products were mostly fixed unless on seasonal products tailored for China during holidays. The website was tested for high traffic due to its links on T-Mall, China’s biggest ecommerce platform. With seasonal campaigns we made sure the site had ample layout flexibility for lead generation content. Another aspect of the assigned was for us to build and manage a custom server on mainland China’s Aliyun webhosting. We also had to deal with the legal aspects of launching and operating an ecommerce website as a foreign company in China.

Project Highlights

Project work image for Fissler : Magazine Style Intro

Magazine Style Intro

A flexible slideshow was picked for the homepage to fetch content from key sections of the site. We built the homepage and entire site layouts to be flexible for Fissler to modify according to different marketing campaigns.

Project work image for Fissler : Bi-lingual


We built the site available in both English and Simplified Chinese, with Chinese as default. The website was mobile friendly and featured a sortable product catalog, smart product pages, a blog, and the usual ecommerce website pages.

Project work image for Fissler : Cookware Since 1845

Cookware Since 1845

Lordeys builds a china brand & products showcase website for a award-winning cookware company, Fissler. Fissler needed a website to introduce its global brand and german roots to the Chinese market. The website was to support its China marketing campaigns, China e-commerce, and its offline stores sales. Lordeys built Fissler’s first modern China website and setup web server services within China. Lordys was also in-charge of website and web server management.

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