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CGP Talent delivers human capital to a range of industries from Fortune 500 to Small & Medium-sized Enterprises. Its leadership and recruitment team has immediate access to the leading executives and mid-level talent throughout Asia. CGP needed a revamp of its corporate website and wanted to add a new a job board section.

CGP Talent had an outdated site that was not mobile ready and full of critical bugs. As the company was expanding in Asia it needed a new website that reflected its new direction. One of our biggest problems was to cut down its massive website content into its highlight content. We also had to provide viewers with multiple ways to access job posts and resumes, it needed a proper job board not blogs. Our solution was to use a smart job search with filter system which in then also allowed visitors to search through jobs. Another main issue was the back-end needed to be simple and intuitive for the CGP Talent webmaster to update the site. Our team integrated the latest Wordpress CMS which felt like a major evolution for CGP, making it smoother and faster to manage its site.

Project Highlights

Mobile Focused

We built the site to allow CGP to recruit while on the road and at events through phones and tablets. Easy online automated recruitment through the site included: Informational pages, Resume submissions, a job referral solution.

Job Search

Build a job board within the website giving CGP ability to add new jobs based on criteria such as industries, location, salary. Candidates could then use the site search filter to find their perfect job.

Modern Pages

We built more cleaner, and well organized informational pages. CGP is able to edit all these pages site wide with content as needed.

Professional Branding

We built a site to inspire connfidence for job seekers through also enhancing the corporate members section. The section had editable informational pages including recruiters and partner biographies.

Login for Jobs

The job board we built had its dedicated private area. Job seekers would need to login to create profiles, search for jobs, and submit resumes.

Recruitment Made Simple

Through working with CGP we learned a lot of behind the scenes complexities involved with senior management recruitment. Fortunately much of such complexities cannot be automated and were done offline. Having gone through this longer type of assignment with CGP, a U.S owned Shanghai company we had a lot of fun.

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