3 Common Website Development Mistakes
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3 Common Website Development Mistakes

April 2022

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Avoid These

Its important for a business to understand and keep up with web industry developments as they evolve, its a new year so probably time to update your website. Your web developer will probably recommend changes to your site or app. Do not be alarmed, its normal in our line of work. We have a list of mistakes that almost every web developer will tell you to avoid.

Wrong budget

Like every other industry, web development has its “acceptable” pricing. Its important to also understand that technologies change and third party services will change pricing. This is why most of the best developers charge by the hour ( if you want to get work that is worthy of other sites you visit ). Pricing is also not only for the build of the website but for managing it. Having a small budget just for getting it up and running will most likely mean you loosing money as it will degrade over time. A two year rebuild or revamp look of the site is normal so prepare a budget with this in mind. Nothing good is cheap. If its cheap to develop then it will be expensive to maintain. Good web development starts at around $10,000. A robust mobile app would be around $18,000. Better get original code than stolen copy and paste with an overcharge bill from the developer.

Wrong time estimates

Web development is a complex procress. There are thousands of code and several phases of design. With this in mind, anything unexpected can happen within the project. A good developer will always add a time buffer within the project. The time estimate for delivery of a task does not include response time and corrections. So one should assume that on average it takes about three to four months to develop a decent website. An app expect longer. Depending on how long you test and feedback period will take. To meet deadlines you would need a dedicated project manager otherwise web development would easily delay. Almost all time estimates are given on a perfect scenario. Will you reply to your developer within the second you receive their work? Will you instantly approve it? Certainly not, so expect realistic web development delivery times that vary with communication bottlenecks.
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Wrong expectations

Perhaps the biggest and number one problem for most website builds. In the development of any product or service, expectations need to be understood and accepted. Eight of ten projects fail simply because expectations were “dreamy”. Either the web developer was hungry to make a sale and over promised? Or the client failed to do their homework and find out exactly what they were paying for.Β  Our web development industry is full of companies that will promise you “cheap” web development finished in “weeks.” The expectations here are you should not be getting anything good. Decent at best, horrible is expected, a project redo and waste of time is expected. If the web developer understands that a client needs a superb modern website that is like “Facebook” or some other big websites. Then they will set high expectations and this will be reflected in their pricing and time estimates. If you as the client think its too “expensive” then at that point you are telling the developer to set their expectations low. At this point you can expect that your web development will have low quality work. Why? Obviously the web developer had already and honestly told you a price which they think your work would cost. So expectations need to be aligned. Wrong expectations result in a waste of time and project failure eight out of ten times.

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