Software writing itself, the future of software development is upon us
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Software writing itself, the future of software development is upon us

April 2022

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Traditionally, software has been the prized baby of developers using code to solve complex problems. It has been largely a human affair where the the person writing code decides the softwares fate. Developers tell the machine what to do line by line.

This human and software emotional affair has slowly been changing over the years. Very soon with advances in deep learning, we’ll be training machines to do that for us - software will be self-learning.

Video - Just like in the movies, software takes over.
Today we see software writing itself already. Google’s search algorithms are so advanced that no developer or SEO expert can keep track of its machine built software. Software is evolving due to a changing world that requires code to become complex with computations too complicated for even the smartest developers to comprehend. This is where the human brain passes the baton to machines that use artificial intelligence (AI).

Machines are able to run more complex computations and assist the human in rapid learning. Machine learning will also transform how software is developed. We already see the disruption of how developers build software in from the following trends that are here to stay:
- Visual composers that enable anybody to create apps and websites without coding a single line.
- Rapid app prototyping tools such as, that enable non-coders to build quick test pilots.
- Automatic analytics solutions like Google Analytics that enable non-digital marketers better understand search engine optimization

As its evident, in the future, we won’t really be writing the code. We’ll be training machines to do that for us. This does not mean software developers will be extinct, on the contrary they will be required to keep up with machines, learn at greater speeds. With software driving everything from toothbrushes to toilets, a developers code will have immensely higher value than that of a machine. None of these machine driven ( self-learning ) technologies replaced the developer. In fact, they gave the coder something to build, manage, develop, and evolve.

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