Chef Egidio Website

Digital Marketing, Website

Chef Egidio Website ~ Making delicious dishes salver online

Instagram, Portfolio - Italy

Chef Egidio Latorraca

Content Production

Chef Egidio Latorraca ~ Giving digital taste to beautiful dishes

Image Curation, Video Production - Italy


Digital Marketing, Website

Barentz ~ Serving a food ingredients company its site revamp

Analytics, Corporate, Google - Holland - Global Company

Topshelf Asia

Digital Marketing, Website

Topshelf Asia ~ Introducing some unique beers to China

Consumer, Google - Hong Kong - Guangzhou

Topshelf Asia

Brand Communication

Topshelf Asia ~ Branding unique beers in a new market

Brand Identity, Logo Creation, Packaging - Hong Kong - Guangzhou



Fissler ~ Introducing top German luxury cookware to China

Online Shop - German - Global Company