Digital Product

Pebble Electric RV ~ The smartest full electric RV goes online

Web App - California

Vivobarefoot Product Launch

Digital Product

Vivobarefoot Product Launch ~ Product promotion through a unique interactive web experience

Web App - Japan


Digital Marketing, Digital Product

UPLTV ~ Introducing a AI company to the world

Analytics, Google, Web App - Shanghai

A Sports Brand’s Digital Event

Digital Marketing, Digital Product

A Sports Brand’s Digital Event ~ Increased user engagement for a global sports apparel brand

Web App, WeChat - German - Global Company


Digital Product

Top20Talent ~ Launching an AI driven recruitment platform internationally

Web App - Shanghai - American


Digital Marketing, Digital Product

Mercedes-AMG ~ Bringing a driver academy closer to its fans

Analytics, Baidu, Google, Web App, WeChat - German - Global Company


Digital Product, Website

Decoster ~ Getting a fashion boutique brand closer to its fans

Products, Web App - China, Shanghai