Chef Egidio Website

Digital Marketing, Website

Chef Egidio Website ~ Making delicious dishes salver online

Instagram, Portfolio - Italy


Digital Marketing, Website

AIM ~ Award-winning website for a unique Architecture studio

Analytics, Google, Portfolio - Shanghai


Digital Marketing, Digital Product

UPLTV ~ Introducing a AI company to the world

Analytics, Google, Web App - Shanghai

A Sports Brand’s Digital Event

Digital Marketing, Digital Product

A Sports Brand’s Digital Event ~ Increased user engagement for a global sports apparel brand

Web App, WeChat - German - Global Company


Digital Marketing, Website

Barentz ~ Serving a food ingredients company its site revamp

Analytics, Corporate, Google - Holland - Global Company

Topshelf Asia

Digital Marketing, Website

Topshelf Asia ~ Introducing some unique beers to China

Consumer, Google - Hong Kong - Guangzhou


Digital Marketing, Digital Product

Mercedes-AMG ~ Bringing a driver academy closer to its fans

Analytics, Baidu, Google, Web App, WeChat - German - Global Company