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Eight Obvious Signs that Your Business Needs a New Website


If you have a website, now is the right time to ask a few questions:

How is it functioning? Is it bearing results as you intended? Does it work well on all platforms as it does on a particular one? How quickly you can update content and move your products and services?

If you are unsure about any of the above, your site needs a revamp.

Frustrated Website Visitors Conversion

The habits and preferences of your customers evolve rapidly in line with the new technologies that are taking the internet by storm. Meanwhile, having an online presence might have served you well, but it will not bear fruits for long unless you keep tabs on and act as per recent advancements.

With billions of sites like yours, how do you make sure you stand out and more importantly, reach the right audience?

At LORDEYS, we know there is much more to a successful website besides a remarkable interface. It needs to perform beyond expectations and most importantly meet your business goals. We can help you achieve just that and even more.

But first, here are eight obvious signs that you need a new website.

1. Your Website is Not Responsive

A responsive design ensures that your website renders efficiently across multiple platforms and a memorable user experience is translated to all screens, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If it does not, you need to get a new one.

Recent studies show that the use of tablets and mobiles has surpassed desktop usage with over 60 percent of users surfing the web through smart devices. And with the competition investing on new and fast websites, you cannot afford to see your customers steer away because of an unresponsive website. Can you?

See here how LORDEYS made sure AIM’s website translates smoothly to mobile and bagged an award in the process.

2. Loading Takes Forever

As per research, 47 percent of visitors expect a page to load in two seconds or less. It is worth noting that 40 percent of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If your site is slow, you are missing out big time. You are most probably losing potential customers and harming the Google algorithm result as well.

Making sure that your website loads instantly is a sure-fire way to keep visitors on site. If your website lags, it is high time for you to think of a new one. Fortunately, here at LORDEYS, it is a priority to make sure your site speed is one of the key performance indicators.

See here how we built an ultra-fast website for the award-winning german photographer Thomas Fuesser.

3. It does not Align with Branding

It is a no-brainer that you need a new website if you have undergone a rebranding and the existing site fails to show it.

A website communicates your brand image and value to potential customers and if it does not match the brand, the customers will be confused and switch to sites consistent with the brand image.

See here how we helped Naissence represent their brand.

4. Inconsistent Navigation and Site Map

Complicated site navigation, hidden and inaccessible content, lack of call to action, and clear section hierarchy all lead to what we call bad User Experience (UX) and we see that a lot. Redesigning and upgrading your website to an intuitive self that guarantees the seamless flow of information will lead to profits in no time.

Check out this project for Adornista and see how we achieved a smooth user experience.

5. Not Ranking Well in Google

Search Engine Optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. As Google explains, β€œWhen viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and performance in organic search results.”

All those incremental improvements and other optimizations ultimately affect how well your site ranks in Google. The ranking target can be achieved by redesigning and building new websites as the need arises.

See here how we built a website for Plasticon, a global manufacturer of custom industrial composite products and helped them with the overall Google ranking.

6. Behind Competitors

Websites now are considered a tool to gain a competitive advantage. If your website provides a clear brand message and remarkable interfaces with a smooth user experience, you can always stay ahead of the competition.

See here Chef Egidio Latorraca’s leading industry website we are proud to have worked on.

7. Updating Content is a Nightmare

Nothing is more excruciating than not being able to update the website content without hiring IT professionals and losing money in the process. It is worth investing in a new website backed by a proper content management system to avoid any sort of frustration.

At LORDEYS, we make sure the backend of every website we build is simple and intuitive. We also offer complimentary training sessions so in no-time you can become a WordPress webmaster.

BARENTZ is one of our happy global clients who now update their website quickly and efficiently.

Global Company Logo Update and Design

8. Your Instincts Tell

If your instincts tell you that your website is not par standards and you are in doubt about using it as a marketing tool, then you should trust your instincts. Moreover, once we know what you need your website to do, we make sure it outperforms your expectations. So, go ahead and email us right now.