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5 Amazing Things AI Can Do For your Website


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become a mainstream technology that many people and companies use on a daily basis, often without even realizing. AI is often used to automate and enhance software development. You might know AI in the form of Siri, or Google Voice, you may not realize that can also used on everyday websites.

Below is just a few of the things AI can do for your website:

Lordeys AI How Beautiful is your website ranking

Rate how beautiful your site is

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Webscore AI by uKit uses generative design, machine learning and neural networks to evaluate your website’s visual attractiveness. We took the AI up for a quick challenge by letting it rank one of our built sites: Adornista Online Shop. Our Adornista got a score of 7.81, which the AI described as “website totally rocks”. To challenge the AI, we also tested the Ferrari website – 7.0 score. Interestingly the AI rated Apple’s website as 10/10. Did we agree that our Adornista deserved a B- score? Obviously not. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Handle annoying customer questions and generate sales

If your tired of having customers frustrate your on online store then let AI help your CRM team relax. Acobot bills itself as a virtual assistant that helps customers shop, answers their questions and nudges them to check out. The chat bot works on WordPress based sites and thrives on WooCommerce. It helps customers quickly find products, discounts, and pay with a friendly customer service attitude using text or voice. Unfortunately we couldn’t test this AI chatbot as our our company privacy laws prohibit us. We can only trust the reviews for the plugin that dont look too good online to say that Acobot is still a work in progress and will face backlash from privacy concerned website owners since data is parked on 3rd party servers.

Automatically translate your website content

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that most of Googles software is AI driven. In particular Google Language Translator has been able to use machine learning to translate text and voice on mobile devices and sites. Long gone are the days of Google translator returning hilarious translations. Over the years the translator has become refined and very precise in translation that world travelers need not learn foreign languages. We took the translator up for a challenge to translate Icelandic and it blew us away. Having have said this, we dont believe automatically translating your websites content using Google is the best choice. Its great for short sentences but doesn’t work like human translated content. It lacks humor and that emotional touch that engages readers to content.

Build you a new replacement website in under 3 minutes

If your website is down and your in a hurry to build something temporary then Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) offers to build you a site by answering a few simple questions. We took Wix ADI for a quick spin ( our developer stopped laughing half way ). Skeptical is the least description of our initial thoughts into this. Wix and the batch of other “easy to build” website tools are usually a laughing stock for our craftsman. Its hard to get an accountant to suddenly build a website on their own in a day. If it were that easy most million dollar agencies and developers would have quit years ago. Either-way, we got on with Wix ADI just fine as with its very limited templates. You can try Wix ADI here. In the end however we were still not impressed. To start with, it has limited options, think of Wix and the whole lot of “make my site quick” as a prefab house. You can’t really design it, you run into problems when you get more kids and want to do other things with your house. Your data with Wix ADI and Wix in general is stored on their server – your business in the hands of another business. Back to the AI, it works – well sort of.

So there you have it, AI and websites can get along just fine. As a digital agency we see AI in web and app development as a tool to speed up our delivery of sites. Hopefully this means we dont get too lazy at it.