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Hamisi Arts Shop Branding

Hamisi Arts Shop Branding

Giving a struggling business a modern day path to growth

Established over ten years ago, Mzee Hamisi, was one of the first woodcrafts businesses to produce wooden phone amplifiers in Tanzania. Drawing from a century of expertise and a close kept secret family craft, the business produces customized hi-tech equipment from local African blackwood.

However, when we first met Mzee Hamisis his shop traffic painted a polar opposite picture to his businesses's acclaimed accomplishments. We wanted to fix this.

Our business analyst conducted research through visits and interviews at his shop in Mwenge, Dar es salaam which provided overwhelming facts to convince Mzee Hamisi to revamp his brand. With a new direction that was inline with his new journey, we together embarked on a challenging re-branding and web-fication project.

To start we designed a new logo. The logo represented a more bold path the business was taking. We then moved onto creating a visual identity guide to make sure Mzee Hamisi's brand identity looked consistent on digital and print. To go along with the new logo we designed the shop sign, business cards, and packaging in preparaion for the new online shop.


Dar es salaam, Tanzania - Africa
Arts & Crafts
Target Type:
Target Market:
International, Tanzanians
Tourists, Art Collectors
Branding Goals:
Brand Introduction, Connection
Website Goals:
Logo Design, Branding, Stationery, Package Design, Web Design, Website UX Design, Wordpress For Enterprise, Branding Services,
Dar es salaam Ecommerce and Branding for Mzee Hamisi by LORDEYS

Shop Signage

Hamisi Arts Crafts Shop Logo on Products Design in Tanzania by LORDEYS

Logo Design for Digital and Print

Hamisi Arts Crafts Shop Packaging Design in Tanzania by LORDEYS

Packaging, Shopping Bags Design & Print

Hamisi Arts Crafts Shop Sign Design in Tanzania by LORDEYS

Shop Sign Design & Print


  • Custom Logo Design
  • Visual Identity Guide
  • Business Cards Design
  • Signage Design
  • Packaging Design


  • 1x Project Manager
  • 1x Brand Strategist
  • 2x Graphics Designers
  • 1x Print Coordinator