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branding services

We are the best print and graphic design company in Tanzania

Brand strategy

We provide in-depth market research to drive your brand strategy by developing things like logos, digital events, websites, and social strategy.

Logo designs

Our logo design services help you create an identity and give your company or brand a starting point for development and marketing.

Print designs

We give your business a professional appearance with pixel-perfect print designs used for things like business cards, brochures, flyers, packaging and more.


We create eye-catch modern graphic designs and seamless animations for websites, logo presentations and reveals, social media, and other digital platforms.

Website designs

Whether you need a website redesign or a web presence to match your new brand, we are the best when it comes to being a full service web design company.

Brand guides/books

Whether we redesign (or update) your logo, or you simply want to illustrate your brand rules, LORDEYS can design a professional digital and print brand guide books for your company.

best branding and graphic design services in Tanzania

We provide branding, rebranding, and individual design services to companies in Tanzania around the world

Do you ever look at another company and think β€œwhy can’t our logo be that good?” If yes, you’re in need of some new branding. We offer both full-service branding and individual design work for all industries and company sizes. We can design and develop a new logo, modify your logo, make new businss cards, brochures, product branding, develop a new marketing strategy and revamp your brand to get it where it needs to be.

Our ability to combine market and analytical research with our design experience makes us the right agency for you. We use a data-driven approach during all of our brand strategy and web design campaigns. This allows us to expose your brand’s identity quickly and effectively. Below is a list of a wide range of our design and creative services.

An extended list of our branding and graphic design services includes: Brand strategy, Brand marketing, Product/brand launch, Promotional campaigns, Market research, Web and UX Design, Logo design, Graphic design, Print and stationairy, Brand guides and books, Video services, Corporate and creative photography, Interior branding, Digital displays/signage

our branding process

Our branding process is unique for every client, but we have a generalized version we share with clients interested in our branding or rebranding services.

  • While we do craft individual design work, our full-service branding follows a more refined strategic process to ensure bespoke quality results. To start, we analyze the industry to get a clearer understanding of who your competition is and exacly who your target audience is. If you are already an established business, we will see your current position and how we can increase exposure.

  • Depending on your needs, we will start by creating an eye-catching brand guide/book. This will contact things like logo, color scheme, writing style, website assets, and any other graphics or design assets needed for your branding, web design or marketing campaigns.

  • Once we have created your company identity, we will begin designing and developing your website. As web designers, our websites are created to co-exist with your brand's identity and bring increased exposure online. We will develop your website on the CMS of your choice making it user friendly to edit.

  • Lastly, we publish your website and begin communicaing your brand into the market. This integration includes things like brand unveiling, social media marketing, press releases, and other key digital (and non-digital) marketing tactics.