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Growing a Business

How branding and a website saved a Tanzanian business

Fate & a little luck

Mzee Hamisi is a case that we picked up through recommendation. One of our managers had been recommended to Hamisi’s store in Mwenge as a perfect place to find a gift for his overseas friend.

Indeed, Hamisi’s products were unique. It was the first time our manager had witnessed perfect sound coming from stylish local-made wood carvings. Hamisi’s craftmanship with wood and family business perseverance inspired our manager. However, our manager noticed that very few customers came to his shop. This sparked an interesting discussion in which Mzee Hamisi agreed to let our manager observe his shop for two random hours daily over two weeks.

We Help Hamisi Investigate

During the two weeks our manager observed the interactions between Hamisi and his clients. He took feedback from Hamisi’s clients and even stopped by fellow arts and crafts shops within the area. The result was report that was presented to Hamisi a month after our manager’s first visit. The report contained observed issues as well as recommendations and strategies to bring in more revenues.

Through our report’s achievable goals, we convinced Hamisi to invest 10% of his 6-month earnings and borrowed money to expand beyond his shop.

Making That Next Step, Easier Said Than Done

Growing a business in Tanzania, or anywhere in the world has always been challenging. The problem is when the business owner doesn’t keep up with a changing world. Digital is the new gold.

We work with businesses like yours to understand and navigate the web.


Hamisi Arts Crafts Shop Logo on Products Design in Tanzania by LORDEYS

Logo Design for Digital and Print

Hamisi Arts Crafts Shop Packaging Design in Tanzania by LORDEYS

Packaging, Shopping Bags Design & Print

Hamisi Arts Crafts Shop Sign Design in Tanzania by LORDEYS

Shop Sign Design & Print


  • Custom Logo Design
  • Visual Identity Guide
  • Business Cards
  • Design Signage
  • Design Packaging Design


  • 1x Business Analysit
  • 1x Researcher
  • 1x Project Manager
  • 1x Brand Strategist
  • 2x Graphics Designers
  • 1x Print Coordinator

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