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The client

Award-winning property managed by BTL Group, WEI Retreat Tianmu Lake debuts a distinctively family-friendly Chinese luxury resort concept focused on personal warmth, the tranquility of Chan Buddhism and reflective appreciation of tea and other aspects of China’s rich cultural heritage including filial piety. WEI Retreat hired LORDEYS to build its Tianmu Lake resort website launch. The site needed Video to sell the experience, had to allow room booking, and needed to work on mobile devices.
WEI Retreat Tianmu entrance

We did


  • Requirements

  • Branding

  • China Web


  • Aliyun ECS Setup

  • Migration


  • The Build

  • CMS Backend

  • Booking Engine


  • Website

  • Site training

  • Server

The branding

Wei Retreat Website Intro Logo

Brand Guide Book

WEI Retreat Visual Identity Guide

The Website: Consistent with the brand

Wei Retreat Responsive Website

Video Introduction

Wei Retreat Video Intro

Mobile: Room booking

Wei Retreat Mobile Room Gallery Website Liyang China

Mobile: Property amenities

Wei Retreat Mobile Room Booking Website China

Website: Room detail views

Wei Retreat Room Detailed Website

Website: Room booking & ecommerce engine

Wei Retreat Room Booking Engine

Welcome to Wei Retreat

Wei Retreat Hotel Branding and Design China Shanghai


Modern Site

  • Improved brand identity

  • Easy editable website

Optimized Site

  • Fast load times

  • Less database calls

Web Security

  • Hack prevention

  • CMS backend


  • Increased visibility

  • More conversion

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