NAISSANCE SPAIN.developing a kids brand of European heritage for China

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The client

Naissance is a new luxury kids brand focusing on kids younger than fifteen. As a new brand with roots in Spain, its aim is to penetrate Asia markets and grow its brand. LORDEYS was tasked to design and develop the identity for a new Naissance brand expanding to China.
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We did


  • Requirements

  • Objectives


  • Art Direction

  • Graphics Design


  • Visual Guide

  • Print Stationery


Inspiration for logo and brand story design

Hand sketch design logo concepts

Hand drawn sketches for logo design by lordeys tanzania shanghai london for logo and brand story design

Chosen concept further developed

Logo concept further developed

Colors and typeface fonts

Logo typeface fonts and colors

Signs, patterns and shapes developed

Logo Signs Patterns Shapes Design

Approved logo

Official logo design approved

Full brand and visual identity developed for print & digital

Full branding design for luxury products store


New Brand Story

  • Impression boost

  • Localized for markets

Better Branding

  • Demographic driven

  • Print & Digital

Greater Identity

  • Easier for printers

  • More coherent

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