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The client

2018 - Now
Leung Studio was founded by H. Leung in the 1960s in Hong Kong. During 1978, the Leung family immigrated to the United States, where two more self-owned gallery locations have since been showcasing the family's distinct Chinese artworks in Oakland and San Francisco. Since 2018, Leung Studio hired LORDEYS to lead the buildout of their visual language and online presence. And we've been delivering great stuff online together ever since.
Art Gallery Website Design in Shanghai by LORDEYS

We did


  • Requirements

  • Objectives


  • Art Direction

  • Graphics Design


  • Web Design

  • CMS Backend

  • Site training


  • Maintenance

  • Google Analytics

Enhancing the gallery brand image

A refresh with modern classic gallery site that invites the audience into the art experience.

Chinese Architecture Website Design

Custom designed every pixel

From sketch, wireframe, to custom design. Our design team created multiple versions with careful attention to every pixel.

Gallery Website Custom Website Design Shanghai

Custom coded for speedy galleries

The coders took over from designers to give the site optimized code which loads a lot of images within a decent time.

Shanghai Art Gallery Web site Design

Artworks displays

In addition to classic style of displaying artworks, we added a reel view for less scrolling

Artworks Gallery Layout Grids Reel View

Buy Artworks

You are able to buy select artworks through enquring on the website.

Buy Artworks Online Gallery Website

Events & Exhibitions

We gave the gallery a digital presence section to connect with social media and other sites.

Exhibitions and Events of Leung Gallery Website

Mobile not forgotten

Sure its hard to get a fully immersive experience for artwork on mobile. That still didn't stop us from giving the new site mobile version much-needed love.

Gallery Mobile version site homepage
Individual Mobile Artist Website
Gallery Landing Page Web Design Shanghai for Leung Studio

Easy to manage back-end

Leung Gallery is able to update the site with new artworks, events, and other page content through a user-friendly WordPress CMS.

Art Gallery WordPress Editable Website

1.84 seconds loading - fast

Nobody likes a slow website. We coded it light and fast.

Page speed A+ Fast Website Load Design


Modern Site

  • Improved brand identity

  • Easy editable website

Optimized Site

  • Fast load times

  • Less database calls

Web Security

  • Hack prevention

  • CMS backend


  • Increased visibility

  • More conversion

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