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The client

DECOSTER has, from its inception to now, developed into one of the most influential designer brands in China with over 70 stores across the nation. The company was on a time crunch to release a revamped website and digital WeChat event before Shanghai Fashion Week. A tight deadline required over time and precision work. DECOSTER hired LORDEYS to create its new flagship website for its 70+ retail stores in China. This included WeChat official account setup and development of a WeChat digital event for its runway show at Shanghai Fashion Week.

We did


  • Requirements

  • Objectives


  • WeChat gallery

  • Account setup


  • The Build

  • CMS Backend

  • Products catalog

  • Site training


  • WeChat

  • Website

Mobile and Desktop Website

DECOSTER China Responsive Website Development LORDEYS

Collections page: Endless scrolling

Collections website build in Shanghai China

Products catalog: Minimal type & color flexible

Fashion website development in China

Website: Classic structured grids

DECOSTER China retail website

WeChat gallery: WeChat to Website API for global social sites

WeChat to Website Plugin API

WeChat digital event gallery: For Shanghai Fashion Week

WeChat digital event gallery for event by LORDEYS

Stop by the 70+ stores in China

DECOSTER Fashion Retail Stores in China LORDEYS


Modern Site

  • Improved brand identity

  • Easy editable website

Optimized Site

  • Fast load times

  • Less database calls

Web Security

  • Hack prevention

  • CMS backend


  • Increased visibility

  • More conversion

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