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The client

2017 - Present
Located in downtown Shanghai, ARTPLUS Shanghai gallery regularly hosts exhibitions showcasing both established and emerging contemporary artists from China and beyond.Since 2017, ARTPLUS Shanghai hired LORDEYS to lead the buildout of their website. And we've been delivering great stuff online together ever since.
Shanghai Art Gallery Website Design LORDEYS

We did


  • Requirements

  • Objectives


  • Art Direction

  • Web UX Design


  • The Build

  • CMS Backend

  • Site training


  • Tech support

Mobile version

Andy Lau actor Hong Kong
List of Artists on mobile
Exhibitions mobile page development

New responsive gallery website

We decided to empower the gallery by enabling its webmasters to manage their own website. Sure we designed and built it but its purpose is to serve their art business.

Chinese Gallery responsive wordpress development

Website: Get closer to the artwork

Desktop gallery web designer Shanghai

Website: About the gallery

Gallery about page website design shanghai

Website: Exhibitions & Artworks

Artists and Exhibitions Gallery website design shanghai

The simple classic gallery

The site was built for easily managing a large collection of artists works and exhibitions.

Lordeys presents the art gallery site


Improved identity

  • Better designed website

  • Friendly editable site

Optimized Site

  • Fast load times

  • Less database calls

Web Security

  • Hack prevention

  • CMS backend


  • Increased visibility

  • More conversion

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