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2017 - Today
With operations in Asia and Europe, Fashion brand ADORNISTA focuses on producing high-quality denim outfits with a chic style. The brand aims to disrupt traditional e-commerce by allowing consumers to customize their outfits in real time online and receive them within days. Since 2017, ADORNISTA hired LORDEYS to lead the buildout of their one of the kind online clothes customisation platform. And we've been delivering great stuff online together ever since.
Adornista Shanghai birth

We did


  • Requirements

  • Objectives


  • Art Direction

  • Graphics Design


  • Front-end

  • CMS Backend


  • Maintenance

Real Ecommerce: Design your jacket on any device

Web development for multiple market languages and mobility.

Adornista Website Custom Design Development

No website lets you personalize each detail of your look

Adornista Website Code Development London

User friendly customization and order checkout

Adornista ecommerce web design lordeys

Get inspired with the blog on Mobile

Adornista get inspired fashion

CMS: Easy to manage modern online shop back-end

Adornista Online store cms by Lordeys

Your style, your creation. Tailor your dream jacket today.

What started as a startup idea in Shanghai quickly became an online ecommerce platform that moved to Europe a year later.

Award winning Adornista innovative fashion website company


Modern Site

  • Improved brand identity

  • Easy editable website

Optimized Site

  • Fast load times

  • Less database calls

Web Security

  • Hack prevention

  • CMS backend


  • Increased visibility

  • More conversion

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