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1st May 2020 COVID-19 Company Update

Business as usual – for your convenience

As we celebrate international workers day 2020 it’s hard to ignore the present situation with this virus.

COVID-19 LORDEYS Company Update

The new work norm started in 2019

For the safety of all our staff members – from our offices in London, Dar es salaam and Shanghai – they have been working from their homes since November 2019 when COVID-19 was first reported in Wuhan China.

We’ve made changes to protect our clients and employees

The office has been downsized by 80%, with only visits allowed for house keeping and checking the office network.
While at the office employees sanitize, observe distancing, and wear masks. We have been using a portable UV light to clean surfaces, devices, and even shoes at the office.
This also means that it’s been a while since we’ve done a proper client hand shake. Meetings and conferences have been kept on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or WeChat.
Our staff are constantly following updates on COVID-19 from relevant country health departments and being responsible for their families and communities.

We are used to remote work

Working in the tech industry and being an international agency have made it easy for our team to adapt to remote work. It’s nothing new to the company. Normal working hours are in maintained, so rest assured that there is no interruption in LORDEYS services to your company.

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